ok.. "floating belly" .. how's this??

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ok.. "floating belly" .. how's this??

If ya'll are getting tired of me posting just say so..lol.. I'm trying to get these right and love all the feedback! Very helpful! So I went back and re-edited the "floating belly" one both in black and white and color b/c everyone seemed to agree that the color version was way too cool. So I warmed it up a little and played with a color balance layer (new to me, so feel free to suggest tweaks if you see anything obvious!)... Do these look better?

1st edit -too cool, need tighter crop

new color edit - warmer + color balance + tighter crop

1st b/w edit- "floating belly"

new b/w edit - any better? should I crop it tighter like the other one?

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still floating to me. I can see the lighter fabric when I inspect really closely...but it's still floating on normal viewing.

oh, and I think the color version may still be too cool.

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Hope you don't mind my plays.

Color needed warmth and I would have extended the canvas rather than crop in tighter:


The black and white I played with the midtones a bit more to bring out more lightness because there is a lot of dark happening - to distract from the floating:


These plays are from your jpegs and would have been better if I had the raw images but you get the idea.