Ok some pictures...VERY NEW

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Ok some pictures...VERY NEW

So some said to go ahead and post some pics I've taken with my cheapy camera. Please rememebr that I know NOTHING about photography and am here to learn.






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You have some beautiful subjects here! What camera are you shooting with? I JUST moved to a DSLR after spending forever on my P&S (Canon Powershot). Best advice I received was about light. Learning to find "good" light (for me it meant open shade), catch light in subjects eyes and stay in natural light. Next to lighting, composition is really helpful to start learning... to me, this means paying attention to EVERYTHING in the picture and making sure it has a purpose and is not disctracting from the main subject.

#3 is my favorite here.

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I have a Samsung S860

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Not a bad start. #4 is my fav.

Did you take the pictures that are in your signature too? Those are great pics too.

The first few things I started learning about (and still am) is composition and following the rule of thirds. These two things are great starting points especially not having a "fancy" camera. I still shoot with a P&S and long for the day I can get something better. I have a canon powershot.

Are you able to shoot in manual mode with your camera?

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Nope the pics in my siggy are by BIL...he's been doing photography for fun for 2-3 years. I wish I could take pics like that! LOL!

I can shoot in manual mode with my camera but have no idea how...guess I better start looking that up too Biggrin

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Shooting in manual opens up more options. If you are just learning manual I say practice on non-moving objects Smile Makes it easier to learn the settings.

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Hey i have a canon powershot as well Smile i started out on a sony cybershot though and then moved onto my canon 40D.

what I first learned with my P&S though was Composition and Rule of Thirds. Start practicing that and then once you feel comfortable with that move onto something else, like Manual mode. Smile

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Great start! And you have some great advice so far. Shot as much as you can. The way I look at it, my pics may not be canvas worthy, but at least I have TONS of pictures of my girls and love looking at how they have grown. That's why I got into photography, not to become a professional, but to document my kids life. And that's exactaly what I am doing. Some nice pics would be nice, but at least I can remember what they were like years from now.

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I also got into photography when I had my Canon Powershot, lol! Thes best bit of advice I was given was try and concentrate on one thing at a time. I read everything I could and just felt more confused. In the end I worked on exposure first, then focus, then distracting backgrounds, composition & rule of thirds (I still don't always see the xyz growing out of the top of my kids heads, lol!) then seeing the light.

I also agree about practicing on non moving subjects.

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YAY for new faces!!! Welcome aboard! Showing your work and asking for pointers is the BEST way to start improving your skills (imho).

You have some beautiful subjects with which to work! You've also gotten some really good advice.

When I was still on my p&s, I did like Kerry suggested ... I worked on one thing at a time. For me, composition was first. I had a habit of pulling too far back from my subject and always placing them smack in the center of the frame.

There are some wonderful tutorials out there to help you get started. THIS LINK has a lot of good advice for composition, in particular.

I worked on the basics like composition and using natural light before moving on to manual controls. I think it helped because my photos were structurally more sound that way and I could focus my attentions on learning the controls rather than worrying about all those other things as well.

Now ... the good news ... I see a lot of good things in your snap shots here! You show a good eye for balanced composition. These shots show how you have used the environment to frame your subjects. This draws the eye to those adorable kids. Smile

#4 is my favorite! VERY SWEET catch.

Thanks so much for sharing! I hope we'll see a lot more from you in the coming weeks.


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I think you've got some great advice here. I would probably work on composition and learning to see light. Make sure that you get a pleasing subject position and background. With lighting, avoid really harsh light, direct sunlight, or dappled light. These situations are hard for most everyone.

Keep clicking and sharing!! Can't wait to see more Smile