Okay, let me have it! Newborn photos for CC

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Okay, let me have it! Newborn photos for CC

It has been about a year since I posted for CC and I need serious help!ALL OF YOU ladies have inspired me to try and get better. Let me have it. My sister had a baby last Thursday and she let me come practice taking pictures on Monday morning.I used natural light from two windows in the bedroom, used my 50mm/1.8, baby is jaundiced, mom wanted the teddy bear...I tried to lower my ISO in some of these, but should have known from past experience that I get worse grain trying to bring up exposure in pp anyway, so not sure what to do...insight appreciated! I used noise reduction filter in PSE on a couple of these, but not sure I noticed a lot of improvement.I used apereture mode most of the time, but I think I included one where I was practicing in Manual. My camera really couldn't handle it...or I had the settings really wrong? So hit me with CC on anything you have time for!

1. ss 1/40 iso 1600 f 5.0 - should have opened up a little more on this one, I think?

So grainy. Sad
2. Manual - ss 1/640 iso 1600 f 2.2

3. ss 1/80 iso 800 f 5.0

4. I think this is the only one with her eyes open: ss 1/50 iso 800 f 5.0

5. ss 1/30 iso 800 f 5.0

6. ss 1/60 iso 800 f 5.0

7. ss 1/80 iso 800 f 5.0

8. ss 1/40 iso 1600 f 5.0

Oh and Tracy, Tia is right - my name is Candace!

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Good for you for giving it a go!! Babies are hard, and getting the right angle, position, etc, takes some practice. I think with the first couple you could have built up the cushion underneath baby a bit more so that her neck wasn't quite so bent. You want babies to look cozy, and she just doesn't look too cozy to me.

I really like the last one, but it took me looking at it twice to realize the baby was actually in the picture. I probably would have left her out and just made this a room shot. As it stands now, you hardly know the baby is there.

I'm sure your sister loves them and who doesn't love cuddling and playing with a newborn? Good job hun!

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Ya, I didn't see the baby either until I read Jennifer's post. I have to agree, newborns are hard work! Oh my goodness! I did one yesterday- FOUR HOURS!

She doesn't look comfy and to me, newborns are just about THEM, and not so many props, you know what I mean. Love the scale though!

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Mom should be happy with these! Good job!

I didn't see the baby in the last one either until I read Jennifer's comment. I agree with the other's cc. I do see the grain in most of them, especially in the first 3. The skin color looks very inconsistent between the photos. I wish in #4 & #7 we could see her whole bow. I think #6 might be a good one to convert to B&W.

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Thanks for the feedback so far!

Katie, I see all the different skin tones now!! We were moving her around the room some to try to get different light and the sun was in and out behind the clouds...I can really see the jaundice in the last few.

So props/posing aside -

How do I lose the grain? Do I need to find more light? Change my settings somehow? Use a different lens? Get a new camera? Wink You know, come to think of it that very last one was taken with my kit lens because the room was too small for me to use the 50mm and get that shot.

Oh, and going back to number them.

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i love my 35mm lens for newborn photography. I seem to get a lot more flexibility with shooting and not having to pin myself into a corner. Good lighting is the a #1 most important part especially in newborn photography i think because to me, the light colors and clarity are so important in the detail shots. I've had newborn shoots with bad lighting and been horribly upset with the outcome so now i really focus on finding the perfect light first. I think they are sweet and a great way to learn...my first newborn shoot was also for a friend so it was less pressured. Babies are the one time where i think we can nearly max out the aperatures on our lenses and get away with it. I use anything between 1.8 and 3something. I really enjoy the little details on babies so having a narrow field or focus seems to work on them. That being said...manual is a requirement in my book for newbies. What kind of camera do you have that the grain is such an issue? It may be worth looking into in the future to upgrade to one that handles high ISO's better. ISO capabilities was a big reason i jumped up and upgraded.
I really love #8 if the baby had been maybe laid on top of a blanket instead of the changer because you do sorta lose her Sad
I prefer simple stuff with newborns so maybe try playing with these in b/w...the color is almost distracting me from looking at the baby so i think in b/w they would really POP and grain is much more forgiving in b/w i think.

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Awesome work doing newborn stuff - that must be nerve-wracking. Both you and Sadie inspire me, as a good friend is expecting next month and wants me to do some newborn photos.

I can't add anything to the CC that hasn't already been said, just wanted to say good for you for doing it.

(And thanks for the name! I have seen it on your blog, but I have an awful memory due to some of my meds, and it's been a while. I guess I'm due to go back and read your blog. Lol

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I agree with a lot of what the others have said.

Yes, I think you need to find some more light. The shutter speeds are quite low, causing some of them to not be that crisp. More light can also help with those skin tones. And yes, the higher the ISO, the more grain is introduced, but really, if you expose it properly, you're not going to see that much. And this is coming from someone with an old school XTi. I do see grain at high ISOs, but the better exposed it is, the less I notice it.

I just love that last one. I only wish that the changing pad wasn't contoured. Baby would have been much more noticeable had the pad been flat.