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One for CC please

Got to photograph another newborn this morning.

I would like CC on this one please. He is with his big brother who adores him.

10 day old Oakland

SS 1/125
Ap 4.0
F/L 32 mm
ISO 200

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I like it but I can't distinguish front of brother's hair from background. Not sure if that is my screen or not. Does the older brother have long hair at back? Looking at nape of neck.

For me, personally, there is too much space to the right. Just my personal taste though.

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I really love it, Cazz!!!

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I really love the composition and feel of it! Wonderful! And best of all, the eye contact between the two brothers is so great -- even the baby cooperated! Biggrin

I also can't make out the front of the oldest boy's hair from the background, but I have a cheapo laptop, so maybe that's just me as well.

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Very cool. I don't think front of brother's hair matters here. It is their connection!

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I personally would like to see more seperation of the older boy from the background. Or maybe just his facial features need to be lightened up a tad??

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I think this is a time when a back light or high hair light might have helped as a filler.

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I agree that some kind of hair light would have been great... but I do really like it the way it is, and mom and dad would probably not notice something like that. Great job!

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Nice! I would move them a hair to the right (better ROT) and brighten the boy up so he doesn't blend into the background quite so much...

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I do agree with the comments on the hair stated by others.

Great shot, I love how you captured the connection between the boys.

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Ohh I just love this! I agree about the hair thing like others said but it doesn't bother me too much because my eye goes straight to their faces and how they're gazing at each other. I really love how big brother's body is curved into baby's, like he's protecting him. So beautiful.

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Thanks guys Biggrin As always a wealth of suggestion and knowledge. Much appreciated.

I saw something similar done on one of my many google searches and have wanted to try it for ages and when these guys had bub I was so excited!!!

I am going to re-edit to try and bring the boys hair a little more prominent but I don't think it is too important as the connection between them.

I added the extra space to the right as it did not work quite so well in portrait or with less space to the right.

Mum and Dad Loved it so I'm happy, but am still gonna try the reedit.


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I think everyone gave you great CC!! I just wanted to say what a great shot!! I love it!!

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Gorgeous shot! I love the connection between the two of them.