One for CC please...JMK

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One for CC please...JMK

I have been working on my workflow in Photoshop...Please CC anything/everything.

Here is the SOOC:

ISO: 560
Exposure: 1/30 sec
Aperture: 2.8 Focal Length: 50mm
Flash Used: No

Here is the after: I didnt really do to much touch up...I just defined the eyes a little. the rest is all playing with levels.

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LOL her expression is really cute. Smile

I don't think your ap is too open, though it does take practice to get an image tack sharp at that aperture. I think you did a really nice job, especially with a SS of 1/30! Nice catchlights too!

The SOOC is pretty underexposed and the white balance is a bit too cool--you can still see this in her eyes in the edit, the whites are a touch blueish. The edit also a touch too much contrast for my taste.

I'm not one for eye-popping--the best way to get the eyes to sparkle is to get them into the right lighting, and get a good exposure.

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I think you did a nice job in photoshop! That face is priceless!! lol!! Your edit is a bit contrasty in my opinion also.

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okay I'm gonna start trying to comment here so I can get some comments in return, your my first, I still new at this post processing stuff, and I'm on a laptop Dirol

super cute face, what a doll, I love using levels, makes such a difference, the eye pop is a little too much for me

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Her expression is unforgettable! I agree with Meagan. Nice job with photoshop.

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Ha ha! No CC to offer but I just wanted to say her face made me giggle. It's almost cartoonish. Very cute pic!

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Love the expression!

Great work in photoshop