one more kitty pic

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one more kitty pic

I took this photo too late to use in the "Fur Babies" challenge but I still wanted to share it....this is my other cat, Tigger, who is Ashes' brother. They're obviously from the same litter--they both appeared as tiny kittens in our neighborhood 14 years ago and started visiting us, and we eventually took them in Smile

He is a BIG beautiful cat who is SOOOO sweet but at the same time so skittery & air-headed LOL. We always joke that he got all the beauty and Ashes got all the brains Smile

This looks suddenly too contrasty & weird but the only adjustments I made were a curves brightening layer and a sharpen for web after resizing.... :/ it used to be sharper too, I'll have to try again, I have been frustrated with Flickr lately.

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G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!! I love it Amy! What pretty eyes!

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Those eyes! Love it!

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Such pretty green eyes! I really don't think it would be a problem to use it on the COTW??? It's only like one or two days late.... are we really that strict around here? Oh well, if you use it on COTW I certainly wont complain! Biggrin

ETA - OOPS... I see now, the voting has begun! That makes a little more sense Blum 3

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Awww, what a great picture!

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Beautiful green eyes! This photo makes me wish my DH wasn't terribly allergic to cats, because I'd love to have one to snuggle with! TFS.

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HE's so cute!!! Smile Love the green eyes!!!

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Thanks! I had already submitted a pic for the challenge, of my girl kitty, so it's fine, lol. Thanks everyone!

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Saw this one on flickr and thought it was beautiful!

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Oh wow - that is beautiful, Amy. Those perfect cat eyes! LOVE!

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Thanks Jennifer & Krista!

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What a gorgeous cat (that's high praise coming from someone who doesn't like cats)!

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What a pretty kitty and gorgeous picture, thanks for sharing.

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thanks! lol Kerry Smile

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Wow, he is adorable, and his eyes are gorgeous! You did a great job Biggrin

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Amy, he's gorgeous!!! I really love this shot, just beautiful!!!