One from today's session

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One from today's session

I photographed this little man when he was 4 days old and his grandparents were visiting from Ireland to meet him for the first time and they invited me back to photograph them again.

This is Grandpa with little baby Ardal 1 month old

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Aww I really like it. Makes me have baby fever and I have a almost 8 month old. Ah! But I like and I think its great they got a session in for the visit!

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AWWWW! So sweet! There is something about dads and granddads with tiny babies that just melts my heart. This is no exception! I know this is something they will always treasure, Cazz!


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Great pic!

I love how black you get all of your black backdrop photos. Do you use seamless? Whats the trick for getting them so nice and black? Mine never look like this!

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Thanks guys Biggrin

Nope not seamless. not paper! Its Stretch Jerzey knit fabric, I always have them stand a little in front of the backdrop.

Its great and comes up a treat!