One year anniversary for me sharing progress (lots of pictures)

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One year anniversary for me sharing progress (lots of pictures)

My one year was actually last Friday here on the Photography Board. I took my time in learning photography and am still learning. I really would like to thank everyone for CCing my pictures from the beginning until now. This board has helped me a lot!

So with further ado, here is my progression.

First time asking for CC on this board. Couldn't figure out why my pictures were so yellow. This was my first ever shot in manual mode.

Haha, people were amazed that I got a clear shot at SS 1/5. My hands must have been steady.

Another yellow picture. For some reason I liked shooting my son up his nose.

So I tried a different subject. I think this is when I learned full sun = the devil.

Was getting a bit better placing my subject and applying the rule of thirds. But still having WB issue.

My first B&W... not much composition here.

Improving some... I went thru a period of cutting limbs.

Did my first maternity victim... my sister.

I love this picture. Experimented with gradient map on converting to B&W

Some aquarium pictures.

Began to get the basic down... and things are clicking slowly Smile

Mission San Juan Bautista

Went overboard with adding color to the sky - but I still like this picture Smile

Started entering for COTW

Can you say colorcast?

DH does not this picture because he told me it makes him look so mean... lol

My heavy vignette phase.

First time with my 100mm...

then experimented with speedlight...

Some 2009 pictures

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awesome progress Smile

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Thanks for sharing. I love these threads! You've made great progress!

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Yay El! You are great, you ask for c/c and APPLY it! Good for you and hope you continue your photography journey!

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WOW amazing progress!!!!
happy photo-versary Biggrin

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Great progression! TFS!

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Love it! Congrats on one year!

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Youve come so far! I loved looking through your photo journey! Happy anniversary, and many more to come!

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"Melvin76" wrote:

Yay El! You are great, you ask for c/c and APPLY it! Good for you and hope you continue your photography journey!


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Happy Photo-versary! Can't wait to see the next year! Smile

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I' a lurker here now to busy at the moment.. but wanted to say you are doing amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next year. Congrats El. I love seeing anniversary posts

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Thanks everyone! The people in this board are great inspiration!

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I love watching your progress!!

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for me as a newbie, your progess inspires me Smile Your photos are awesome.

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Wonderful progression thread El!!! I love these. Smile

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Awesome job! You've progressed amazingly! Everytime I'm in a slump, this progress threads get me going again, thank you.

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You are just AWESOME!!

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Isn't it nice to see how far you've come? I have to do one of these soon too Smile

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Amazing progress! You should really be proud of yourself

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I love evolution!!! So neat to see your progress. Smile I can really see where you've improved - and you added clarity to your photos, I think.

I keep putting off my progress thread. I'll be at 2 years before I get around to it at this rate. ha ha Wink

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Happy anniversary, girl! You've grown so much!