One from yesterday...

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One from yesterday...


I have no idea what the settings were on my camera. (don't mind the grey corners my photoshop is being wonky. (gosh these put together...her skin looks too bright in this one..)

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what a cute shot! Smile the second one doesn't look too bright to me at all... it just needs some brightening and to be warmed up just a tad. Smile

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Hey Liz! Glad you are posting more pics!

I personally like the SOOC better. The 2nd one is too bright on her face and arm. Great job though. Her eyes look good!

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I like the original better too but it just needs some color correction. She looks too cool to me, possibly too much blue & magenta? I'm not an expert but I'm learning.

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Her skin isn't too bright in the second, but there is some big time color issues happening. I took it into PS, and wow! I corrected white balance but the color of her skin was still crazy. You ended up with a ton of cast from the grass AND mainly her clothes.

The photo is adorable however...a priceless capture. She has gorgeous blue eyes and this definitely showed them off Smile

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!
My photoshop is acting wonky so I may not be seeing things properly. I'll do a separate post about that so ya'll can see why I'm not editing properly in CS4

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Cute shot! I agree, the color is off. It just seems too cool to me. Like it needs more yellow or something (though I'm no PP expert!!)

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ADORABLE little girl and what an awesome shot! I like the origianl better as well, but my monitors at work aren't great and I am NOT good at coloring.

It makes me want to get outside and get some pics of my girls in the grass. Now if it would just stop snowing!