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online lessons/school

Hello, my name is Joan and I am looking to learn how to properly use my Canon Rebel but it's not practical or reasonable for me to be able to go to an actual in-person class. I was wondering if anyone knows of online classes or lessons that are any good ... or would I be better off with a good book? I don't mind paying for the lessons. Something that gives simple step by step lessons and exercises would be ideal for me. TIA.

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Understanding Exposure is a great beginner book. Not Canon specific, but still great info.

Actually...just start by reading your manual very thoroughly...cover to cover... and playing around with all the settings discussed in the manual. You'll learn a lot that way.

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I second Understanding Exposure, great read for someone wanting to learn the basics of photography.

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I've read my manual a couple of times ... using the camera in between reads definitely helped me get more out of it the second time.

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