opinions? CC?

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opinions? CC?

Howdy all

I am finally back. My hard drive has been replaced and I am operational again.

Anyway I've been working on my last newborn shot and while this is not my usual style I'd love to know what you think. I rather like it.

I guess its hard to CC the photo itself but just the overall effect etc would be good.



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First off ... welcome back!!!

Second ... I like the processing. It's a lot 'edgier' than I would normally expect for a new born shot, but being with dad and the emotion of the babe, I think it works.

Glad to have you with us again, Cazz.

Take care,

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I like the image, but not to crazy about the PP. I really think its a matter of taste, but in my opinion, the processing is too harsh.

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I'm glad you got your computer back up and running! I know I'd be a mess without mine.

I'm on the fence about the processing. I want it to be softer and warmer because it's a baby shot, but at the same time I get a statue vibe from it which is neat.

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Looks greasy. If that's what you were going for, then it works.

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I just am not sure...would love to see it alongside either the SOOC version or another softer edit. I do LOVE the actual photo, though!

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Nice photo! Not sure I like the edgy PP, though.

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I love the photo. And I like the processing. Just not together! The processing reminds me of a lot of the firehouse photos taken where my husband works. So it may be just my association of that that makes me not like the processing with this image.
welcome back!

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On the fence here too. I understand what you are going for.

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Welcome back. Not loving the pp at all. Too much contrast. When you think of babies moody works - not so sure that almost muddy contrast does. Can be a fantastic image....