Opinions on Nikon D3000?

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Opinions on Nikon D3000?

I've wanted a DSLR for a while and I saw that the Nikon D3000 is $398 this week at our local Walmart.

The reviews I read online indicate it's a very good entry level DSLR. Think it's worth it?

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Bumping this for you. I really have zero experience with Nikon, but I know a couple others here shoot with it, so hopefully they can help you out Smile

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I'm a little late on this but i had a D3100 for my entry level and only upgraded a few months ago to the d7000. I loved my 3100 and i think it worked really well to get me started and used to how things worked. If it's what is in your budget then i think it's a great starter. I always suggest to people to skip the kit lenses because you can outgrow their inflexibility VERY quickly. A good prime lens is best to start with i think but that's your decision since you will lose some flexibility with no zoom for everyday photo taking. My only aside comment is that in about a year i had totally outgrown the 3100 capabilities and wanted more focus points and better ISO handling, which i think the 3000 has even less than the 3100 so keep in mind that if you want to get more serious than an upgrade could be nearby.