Opinions please help me decide (cc needed/very pic heavy)

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Opinions please help me decide (cc needed/very pic heavy)

My Mommy is a butterfly fanatic; she has a whole room dedicated to anything and everything butterflies. I recently went to a local butterfly garden and took some pictures of varies species. I wanted to print some out, get either a nice collage frame or several frames to put them in, and give it to her for this coming Mother’s Day. Which do you think are slightly frame worthy? What would you recommend for editing to make them look better? I really want to give her an awesome thoughtful present; she is an amazing woman who goes above and beyond for us. I know she will love this and doesn’t really care if they are perfect or not but I want them to be not only for her but for me since this is like showcasing my work. Thanks for any and all help you can give, I greatly appreciate it. These are all SOOC except for the watermark placed on them.

1. f/11 1/15sec ISO-400 55mm
2. f/11 1/13sec ISO-400 55mm
3. f/11 1/50sec ISO-400 55mm
4. f/11 1/50sec ISO-400 55mm
5. f/11 1/60sec ISO-400 55mm
6. f/11 1/80sec ISO-400 55mm
7. f/11 1/80sec ISO-400 55mm
8. f/11 1/80sec ISO-400 55mm
9. f/11 1/160sec ISO-250 55mm
10. f/11 1/200sec ISO-400 55mm
11. f/11 1/125 ISO-400 55mm
12. f/11 1/15sec ISO-400 44mm
13. f/11 1/20 ISO-400 55mm
14. f/11 1/13sec ISO-400 55mm
15. f/11 1/13sec ISO-400 55mm
16. f/11 1/125sec ISO-400 55mm

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wow, that looks like a fun place... love all the different types of butterflies. I particularly like #'s 3 and 6 (those are my favorites out of each of their respective sets of 3... to me they look the best focused, and I like the placement of the pink flowers best in #6). I also particularly like #11...Love the background in that one. You'll have to update us on what you decide... I'm sure she'll love the addition to her butterfly room!

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My favorites are definitely # 3 and 6. I might try rotating #3 to portrait orientation. The angle seems a bit awkward.

You did a great job, and I think your mom will love these!

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Love 3 and 7!

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I like #7 the best!

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I like 3 and 7 the best. It's nice that they're in their "natural" environment in them.

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I like #3 and #4 best--I'm sure your mom will be thrilled! You might try cropping the right side slightly so that the butterfly isn't so centered.

Also, is it a typo, or did you shoot #14 and #15 at 1/13 sec? With a fast-moving subject like butterflies, I would recommend keeping your shutter speed higher (1/125 or faster). To compensate for the light, you could open your aperature--that would give you some nice bokeh behind the images, too.