opinions on a purchase.....

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opinions on a purchase.....

Alright so I have an 85mm 1.8 on order but it hasn't been released yet so i haven't been charged. I currently have a Nikon D3100 so a bottom of the line dslr really. I have someone in the family that wants to buy it from me and i can take the money i was going to spend on a lens and instead sell my current camera to upgrade to a D7000...top of the line crop frame. So what would you do? If i upgrade cameras now i'd probably have to wait 3-4 months to get the 85mm....so whaddya think?

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There's never enough money to go around, is there? I can think of so much that I want to buy, and I have a really hard time making decisions.

What lenses do you currently have? I'm pretty sure that I remember you saying that you have the 50mm. I'm not really familiar with your camera since I shoot with Canon, but from the way that you describe, it's a lot like my Rebel XTi. Older entry level camera. I know that where I am personally at with my photography, I'm ready for a camera upgrade rather than a lens. Though I would LOVE to get my hands on some L series glass Wink My ISO only goes up to 1600 and produces a lot of grain that high. Not to mention, I dropped it last summer, and my hot shoe is bent, so it makes using my speedlite very difficult (DH gets mad when I ask him to take a picture with it on).

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that you need to look at your needs at the moment. Do you feel more let down by your lenses or by your camera? Do you mostly shoot indoors or outdoors? Look at the lenses that you currently have, and decide if they're "enough" for you right now.

Good luck deciding!

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Get the camera! I am in the same boat. I was about to get a new lens but I was holding off due to my camera having SS problems. I sent my camera in and my friend let me borrow hers. After having hers for 3 days there is no way I am spending 700 on a lens rather than using it to twords a new camera. I used my lenses on her camera and got a great result. My camera now also only goes to iso of 1600. Hers went to 6400 and while I don't think I would need to go that high, it was nice going above 1600 while in very low light.
If I were you I would get the camera first and then wait on the lens. I am also very excited about getting a new lens but after seeing what I could do with her camera (notice how I did not say what her camera could do;) ) I am going to wait on the lens. Maybe you could borrow one or rent a body to help make up your mind:)

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I think Stephanie has given you a lot of good advice and food for thought.

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Did you make up your mind? Just asking cause I am going back and forth. I was very sold on the camera and I really thought I was going to wait on the lens but I have changed my mind. The thing is if I bought the 60d now, I would eventually just want to upgrade to the 7d which I won't be able to buy till summer. So... I am going to hold out for now (I THINK) and just get a new lens and speedlite.
Just wondering what you are doing?