Opinons Please

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Opinons Please

I'm debating going a different route with my processing.....

Just wondering if i could get your opinons on how you feel about these

This is my regular processing work (this baby was REALLY jaundice)


New process

and here is the same ..but on a different baby



Thanks so much for ur help!

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I'm not an expert but I like the new process on the first photo and the old process on the second one, the white blanket looks better and the baby looks sharper to me. Beautiful photos.

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I'm not calibrated so take my comments with a grain of salt, but to me the new processing makes the images look a little washed out. JMO and, as I said, I'm not on a calibrated monitor

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I like the new processing. I actually prefer it on the baby, and the other pic it doesn't make a lot of difference to me.

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I like it. I can definitely tell from the 2nd picture. Brighter and warmer.

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I'm not calibrated, but I like your original processing on both photos. But with that said, if I only saw the second ones I would still think they were awesome!

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I believe I like the original better, especially on the shot with just the baby. The new shot is a little too light for my tastes. That said, they are all good!

--I just came back to add that I do like the way the new processing brings out the details in the baby's headband.

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I am a fan of the new processing though I don't find anything wrong with the old. I like the warmer feel of the new look.


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"La123" wrote:

I like the new processing. I actually prefer it on the baby, and the other pic it doesn't make a lot of difference to me.


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I personally like the new process.

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I like both, but if I had to pick:
I like the original PP on the first pic and the new PP on the second pic
I think it's definitely a matter of personal taste though, both are good!

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I'm torn ... initially (when I looked at this thread hours ago), I liked the new processing best. But now that I'm giving it a second look, I think I prefer the original. Because the original seems more true to actual colors, and in the end, I think that's what I'd prefer for my family to be captured as. Hopefully that makes sense.

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Thanks guys....still torn...but i may just stick with my original...its been doing good for me so far...thanks for all the comments and help!

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Torn here too. I have a hard time deciding. I love them both.

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Looks like you've already decided, but I was going to say I prefer the originals.