OT: Accident

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OT: Accident

We were in an accident this morning, no one was hurt. We had a fully convertible car seat (going from infant to booster) but for safety I would like to replace it I am curious to know what everyone has/used and how they like it. I will mention that Natalie is still under 30 lbs so we definitely need something with the 5 point system.

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Glad to hear that no one was hurt!

I have bought for my boys Sunshine Kids car seat - I think they are now called Diono. I don't find it as bulky as the britax but man they sure are heavy.

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And before anyone worries, it was in town at "low" speeds. Also we called our insurance company and they will pay for the car seat.

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We have 2 Britax Marathons.

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No advice about car seats as we didn't exactly choose either of ours (booster or car seat), but I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your accident, glad you're all OK!

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I'm glad to hear everyone is ok. I have a Britax 2 way elite

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I will have to check the brand of ours but just wanted to say i'm so glad nobody was hurt. ((hugs))

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We have the same as El, (was Sunshine Kids Radian when I bought it). I love it! It's so compact. But definitely heavy! So, maybe not the best choice if you plan to occasionally switch it to a different vehicle. I also love the high height/weight limits, so they can rear face & stay in 5 point longer than some other seats. Glad to hear everyone is ok, and awesome news about the insurance company paying for the car seat! Do they have a set $ limit? Or just let you buy what you want, and bill them?

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I don't have any advice on carseats. Just so thankful no one was hurt!

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Glad you're ok!

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I'm glad everyone is OK!

I think we have a Cosco 5-pt booster. I'll have to check on the model though.

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Glad everyone s ok. Ours are Sunshine Kids Radian XTs.

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Looks like I was wrong. Ours is a Safety 1st, but it looks like it's been discontinued since I can't find it online anywhere. Looks like everyone else has some good choices though. Best of luck finding the right seat for you!

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So scary! Glad everyone is OK and I hope you find a good replacement seat soon.