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OT: blogs

This is WAY OFF TOPIC, but I don't post anywhere else, so .... (don't you guys feel lucky?)

ANYWAY ... I got to talking w/ a cousin on face book recently. Most of the family has scattered after grandparents have passed. On one side of our family there was a "split" a few years back and the 2 sides don't really talk to each other much any more. Sad

And through this talk she and I were having, we caught ourselves playing "remember when ..." and it struck me how different our memories were of the same people, places, and events. she's a few years older than I am and her perspective is so different.

I want a way to capture these moments & memories, from as many different perspectives as possible. So we got the idea of a blog that we can open up to any member of the family who wants to post. Share our memories and invite others to include their own.

If it catches on, I was thinking of compiling the stories and pictures to be printed along w/ some family tree stuff to send around.

ANYWAY .... the point of all of this is to ask ... since this is to be a "collaborative" effort, which blog provider makes it the easiest?

I am really only familiar with Blogspot/Blogger. I have used them extensively and am pretty sure I could configure it to where only those that requested access could post, but anyone could read. That way I could make sure it was truly a family member that was posting but not keep any interested party from reading. And while I think only family members will really care about this stuff, you never know.

ANYWAY ... I haven't used wordpress or anything like that and was looking for feedback.

I'd love to hear thoughts from those of you who use wordpress or anything else.


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Like you, not familiar with other blogs besides blogger. I know blogger you are capable of only inviting individuals to view your blog so its not public.

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I do know blogger does have a setting to make a blog private, I only know this cause I have had to request permission to view some blogs.

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I have used blogger too. I use wordpress for my photography blog, but I am not happy with it. Much more difficult to use. Frustrated me, but I am sticking with it. I would think if you just used the same log in and just signed your names at the end that would be the easiest way. Also, there is a way you can make it private. Personally- I would say stick with blogger.