OT: egg ideas?

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OT: egg ideas?

Guys ...

Every year Logan and I have made some kind of supreme effort in our Easter egg decorating. From funny faces, to the gilded look, to last year's Angry Birds theme (that one was my favorite).

But I have *no* ideas for this year. Well ... I had 1 idea. I wanted to try this:
Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Easter

But I cannot find allum locally and there is no time to order them now. Sad

We always do eggs on Good Friday. Do you guys have any suggestions I can put before Logan?

Any/all suggestions greatly appreciated!


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WOW! no ideas yet but that looks like something Logan would love to do! Hope you can somehow find what you need. If I think of anything i'll let u know.

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Wow I love those geode eggs!! Mine is not really a "supreme" idea but you can try dyeing with natural things like beet juice, frozen blueberries in water, red cabbage in boiling water & vinegar, simmered red or yellow onions, Koolaid (not natural but lots of color choices)....

Here's a link with some cute ideas:
9 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas | Reader's Digest

And here on this page they have a silver sparkle "Disco egg" I love, and other ideas:

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Thanks guys!

I may have found a substitute for the alum powder (epsom salt). I'm headed to the store today to see if I can give it a try. Smile

I like the disco egg as well. I was thinking if we can't get the geode thing to work that we may switch gears and try a musical theme since Logan is so into music right now.

Again, THANKS!