OT snaps to share...

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OT snaps to share...

pardon my disheveled look. Lol
finish time: 2:11:32'
with my friend

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already commented on FB, but you did awesome! I still can't believe you had such a good time with the bad foot. take it easy and let your foot heal before you go running the full marathon! Wink

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WTG! Congrats, that's a great achievement! Now go rest your foot! Smile

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Holy crap kel what GREAT time! Your amazing!!!!!!!!!! congrats sweetie pie!

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Woo Hoo!!! Congrats! Hope that foot heals fast.

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WOW! Great job!

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Congrats!! Way to go!! Nice pace!! Its a great feeling to finish with a great time!! You signed up for any others? Now, give that foot a rest!!

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