Our weekend at the lake

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Our weekend at the lake

We rarely get fluffy clouds!

The lake is beautiful

I was on an art tour in the morning and it gave me some inspiration to try and create something more artsy than normal! I wanted something I could print on art paper and hang- what do you think?

A ray of sun on the trail - it took me forever to direct her to the right spot!

thanks for looking!

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What a gorgeous lake! Makes me want to get out and shoot all day long!

On the 1st artsy one- I don't know about the bright spot on the rocks. My eyes went there first, but what do I know. I think it's neat, I just feel like she's not where my eye goes.
I do like the 2nd one.

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I love love love the 2nd picture! Interesting colors that really suit that photo and give it a sort of nostalgic feel.

On the picture with the vignette...I agree about the brightness of the lower left of the photo...it's just too bright. I'd soften the vignette by extending it gently over those other bright spots in the photo so that your eye is led to the subject but you're not sure why.

The last picture is nice...I'm not crazy about the composition and wish she were further on the left of the frame. There is also a really bright spot on her arm that is pulling my eye. Since this is BW, you could easily burn that a bit so that it weren't so noticible.

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I know I posted on facebook, but I really love these Jen. They make me want to plan a trip to see you. Talk about a June Bug met up!!! Wink

Like Amber said, the colors are just so wonderful. It screams life to me. Smile

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love the clouds!

I really love the second one, just beautiful and the colors are perfect.

I think your artsy shot is nice, but definitely tone down the brightness on the rocks, it's taking away from your little girl.

and after reading Kelly's reply, I need to find you on FB. Lol

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Very cool shots! Other than what the PPs said, I don't have any CC. But I wanted to say that your daughter has GORGEOUS curls!

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I love these. Very nice!

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Love the pictures. The lake is so beautiful.

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Great shots!

#2 is my favorite
#3 is a little too bright for my taste. Her hair seems to be blending in a tad too much with the background.
#4 Agree with Amber that my eye is drawn to her arm. Kinda wish we could see what she was looking at, or had some eye contact. Really like the DOF here.

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thanks everyone ! I think I need to recallibrate, I'll go back and fix the brightness and see what you think. I was wondering about printing it on some paper that wasn't stark white (like pearl paper, maybe it will take out the brightness)