Out of the Mouths of ... (Computer Geek) Husbands

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Out of the Mouths of ... (Computer Geek) Husbands

This phone conversation [paraphrased below] took place about 30 minutes ago:

DH: Hey, I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies tonight.

Me: I'd prefer to go on Saturday instead. I want to prepare for the wedding I'm second-shooting tomorrow and go to bed early.

DH: But you already know how to take pictures.

Me: Yes, but I've never shot a wedding before, and I haven't used a bounce flash in years.

DH: The thing about photography is that taking the photo doesn't matter that much. It's the photoediting afterward that is important.

I just had to roll my eyes. Sometimes he's completely clueless!

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ROFL oh my gosh. Husbands can be so clueless for sure when it comes to photography! Blum 3

this reminded me of what my husband told me the other day. (and I know some people do it but I prefer not to do it) He asked me "So you're giving away the full resolution images right?" ... since I've been practicing on my friends. I was like ???? I told him I was just giving away web sized images with my watermark. And then he was like "But you're giving some away without the watermark right?" I couldn't believe he was telling me that! He doesn't like watermarked images :rolleyes: He thinks the watermark is annoying but then again he was also viewing images with big watermarks across the middle of them making it hard to see the actual picture Lol Man he sure made me angry! I asked him "would you give your work away after working so many hours on it?" ugh! husbands! lol I then told him I was uploading to mpix instead.

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OH man, I should give him some of my blurry pics and tell him to fix them in post then! LOLOL

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Ha, my husband said something similar the other day! He was commenting on how he was impressed that I actually use my camera because apparently he thought I was going to spend a crap ton of money on it, then throw it in the closet and never use it. I was saying something about how there's more to photography than just taking a picture and he said yeah, like you gotta do all that stuff in Photoshop too :ROFL:!
I meant, like you have to know how to use your camera settings to get a good shot, but yeah I guess photoshop helps too...:rolleyes:.