PG belly "Fruits"-- CC PLEASE!!! :)

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PG belly "Fruits"-- CC PLEASE!!! :)

I've seen the idea done before, but only with a few pictures, never the entire pregnancy. I want to keep it simple because I know I won't have time for much else. DH took these for me with my direction. CC greatly appreciated and any ideas for angles/comp later on in the pg too. TIA Smile

(I think I need to stand farther away from the window... my left arm looks near about blown in these...)


2. (not much difference...)

3. Different hand position

4. For fun---- how'd I do with selective coloring? Does it work here? I just felt like my little pea was getting lost.

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Aww, cute!

My favorite of the set is #3 - looks more balanced and symmetrical than the first two.

And I actually think the pea shows up best in #3! After looking again, I don't think it is the color that is making the pea lost, but your thumb on top of it!! But maybe that is just me. Smile And I do like the conversion!

Congrats again on your pregnancy!

eta: I don't think your arm looks too bright in 1 and 2 - gets brighter in 3 and almost too bright in the conversion - maybe a sheer on the window (or white sheet?) would help if there wasn't one, but I think it looks fine in 1 and 2...

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What an awesome idea! I think #3 works best for me as far a composition, especially is you want to have the same pose through the pregnancy. That said, you can't see the fruit very well in your hand in this image. It might need to be more towards the front so it is clearer. Also, you are standing straighter in this image which works better for me. In the others you appear to be leaning more on one hip.

I would move away from the window slightly as the light is very bright on that arm.

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I did try to bring the pea closer to the edge of my hand, but it kept rolling away. Lol. It might be easier next week with the blueberry. We shall see.

I see what you are saying about my thumb being part of the cause of the lost pea. I was trying to make my hands resemble a heart without being the typical heart shape seen across the belly. I like the idea of making a heart, but think the other has been over done.

I do prefer the way in standing in the third too. I had thought it was just the angle DH was at. Now that I see it was how I was standing, I'll try and correct it next time.

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I'm going to be the oddball here and say that I like the first 2 better, with your thumb on top. I can tell you're actually holding something. Your hands just look cupped in the 3rd one. This is going in a compilation, so I would expect you to look for the pea when looking at them all together.

My favorite is #1 because of the lightened shadows in your hands.

I think this is a fab idea! I may steal it for my next Wink

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What a neat idea! It will be great having a record like this - very cool! I see what Steph means about #1, and I do like it. I think I just like #3 for the hand position and stance, but they're both great! I prefer the colour over the selective colouring. The pea won't get lost once you see the whole compilation, like Steph said.

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My favorite is #3. I like how you're holding the pea. I think I prefer it to #1 because you can hold all the fruits/veg the same way with that hand positions.

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I like the hand positioning and lighting in #1 but agree that #3 might be best for all the different fruits and veggies if you all want them to be uniform.

Maybe the pea looks lost on the conversion because the shadow in your hand doesn't give it much contrast? Maybe if there were more light in your hand, the pea would pop more.

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I love the idea, would go with a plain black shirt, if you stick with brightly coloured fruit/veggies it will help them to pop a bit more.