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Photo release form

Has anyone ever been asked to print out a photo release form? Walgreens didn't want to print some photos that I took of my kids b/c they said they look professional now I have another person that I took pictures for that needs a release form from me saying that they can print the pictures I took for them. Does anyone have any idea what I need to say or how I need to word it.

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I've been asked twice now. Both times I had not given the person a print release with their photos. In each case I just wrote an e-mail to the 'client' with the following.

"I, Jennifer Paris Photography, give *client* permission to print photos taken by Jennifer Paris on *date photos taken*.

This is the print release needed for any consumer printer to produce any images provided by *client*."

It was sufficient in both cases.

I now provide a word document that I include on the CD for print release.

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I put a print release directly on the cd label and also include a paper version.

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I have a print release on the cd label as well....and sign it for good measure.

It says: "Authorization is given to: ___________ to print, copy, and use electronically the image files on the enclosed disk dated ___________ for their own personal use. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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I have recently ran into this problem and it surprised me!!!! I just typed up something simple with my watermark saying that the client has my full permission to do whatever he/she wants.