Photog Opportunities!

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Photog Opportunities!

I've been on vacation this past week (i missed these boards Lol and i've got A TON of pics to go through. basically, I practiced and practiced and practiced get it Smile Photography is becoming something i really enjoy. Anyway...a friend of mine is shooting a wedding this coming saturday and she's had alot of problems in the past with her assistants, so i asked her if i could help her. She knows i like photography and she agreed to let me be her 2nd shooter on this wedding! I'm so excited. Then a friend of mine just had a baby saturday and asked if i could take some newborn shots for her. she doesn't mind that i'm essentially using her for practice. She's willing to give me a few bucks for the time. Again, excited! Smile To top it off, i got my nifty fifty (50mm f1.8 ) on the weekend too and i love it! I'm seriously thinking of taking this 'hobby' further Smile once i go thru them, i'll post some pics of my little guy's summer vacation Smile

any tips/advice when shooting newborns?

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I suggest going through flickr and scanning through that to get ideas on how to pose newborn.

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Wow that's great! Tons of learning opportunities there--it's the best way!

Newborns are my fave, though definitely can be the most challenging. Make sure to keep the environment you'll be shooting in VERY warm. You should be hot wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt if you want happy sleeping nekkid baby pictures.

Use a bean bag and a bobby to help with posing, and get ideas from Flickr and photog blogs/websites.

Expect to get peed and pooped on. Smile

Be patient! It sometimes takes a long time to get the baby into that "knocked out" status where you can move them around for pictures at your leisure.

There's more I'm sure, that's what just came off the top of my head. Good luck!!!

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Sounds fun, hope you learn a ton!