Photographing outdoors

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Photographing outdoors

Let me start this post by saying that me and outside photography never really got along but I felt my portfolio was very lacking and after thinking about it, decided that I needed to work on this so I can begin to expand.

Anyway my Aunt lives up the north of australia and her daughter, my cousin, who is only 14 lives down here in Victoria and she asked me to take some photos of her and spend the day with her.

So my newborn photographer friend and I took both her and her best friend out for some photo shoots.

First we went to the hippest part of town and got some grungy urban stuff.

My cousin

Her best friend

Yes her eyes are this amazing green colour and that vivid.

Then we did some indoor studio stuff

Then we went to the local park(no playground so no kids running around)

So then yesterday I went to the city with Martin and in the middle(busiest) part of the city there is a laneway full of graffiti and with Martin's unusual style it was an awesome backdrop.
It's funny because the second I got out my camera, from out of nowhere about 7 other photographers(dunno what level) were scrambling all over to get photos of him. Yes my hubby the celebrity

Thanks, as always for letting me share

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These are GREAT Cazz!!!! I love the ones of the girls at the park, especially the last one. But I gotta say - that last one of Martin TAKES THE CAKE (for me)! I love love LOVE the use of leading/trailing lines and hope this will find its way onto the March assignment thread. I also love how it shows that sometimes breaking the general rules of composition (like centering your subject) is sometimes the best way to add drama and flair to your shot. WOW!


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I LOVE them Cazz!!! That is so funny about the 7 photographers coming out of nowhere!!! LOL but no wonder, that backdrop is awesome, and your hubby looks perfect there! Smile

I LOVE the 2nd shot in the grass, just beautiful. And I love the very first shot, although her face is in the center. I love the soft pp.

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I think that you did a really great job of the one with the girls at the park. Those look great!

Now, I feel like urban ones need a punch with processing. You're using your usual style of processing for indoors, and it's just not giving it that urban feel that you're looking for with the ones with the graffiti. I'd also watch your posing with your hubby to make sure he doesn't look too feminine Smile

I think that you've done a great job, so I'm being really nitpicky with my CC here.

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Love these! What amazing green eyes for sure. Wow! And, like everyone else, that last pic of hubby, to die for! It looks like it could be in Rolling Stone magazine.

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Hope you don't mind some CC on these.

The comp on all of these are great, overall you did well.
I personally would like more vibrant colour in the first two pictures, they seem a little washed out to me. The B&W one seems a bit blown, her nose looks lost.

The park pictures are absolutely beautiful.

I love the shots of your DH, I do agree the PP has to be done a little differently.

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I really, really like these! What great models Smile The last one with your DH is such a good example of leading lines, I love it!

My only cc is on the first one. It seems a little washed out or maybe even blown a little on her cheek?

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I hope you don't mind, but I was bored and had a play of the last one. I really liked it and wanted to see it pop a little more Smile It's private on Flickr, but I can take it down if you'd like.

So, what I did was I took it into LR first. I think I lowered the exposure just slightly, took out some magenta and some red, and added a point curve to "strong contrast". Then I brought it into PSE. I painted over the shadow from his hat on his face to take out some of the red, then added a soft light layer at a fairly high opacity.

What I did notice in this is that you have some chromatic abrasion going on here. There's a magenta outline where the darks meet the whites. I haven't read up much on how to fix it, but I believe to avoid it, you want to make sure that you're not overexposing, and try to keep the dark darks away from the bright lights.

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Cazz, these are just lovely overall, but the lighting is really flat in almost all of them. I urge you to play around with shadows a bit more to bump up the variety in your work.

My favorite is the 6th one down...the girl lying in the grass. See how lovely the gentle shadow on her nose is. Beautiful!

In #4, the lighting is so flat that she has no nose. YIKES! This photo is so pretty's too bad. Wonder if you could successfully add some shadow in post processing.

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Love the ones of your husband! He fits into that environment perfectly!

I really like the ones of the girls in the park, and like the others said, I'd like to see the first few with different PP. On the very first pic, it looks like she's got some color casting on her face from the wall. My fave is the close-up of your cousin in the grass... Beautiful!

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I love this set. My favorite is the closeup lying in the grass shot. I also like the third shot (graffit background, face forward); the one before it is nice, too, but I don't care for the windblown hair as much. The hubby shots are fun (I like Steph's play, too). I would have loved to take shots of the photographers shooting your DH!

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Thanks everyone. Sorry for the late reply but I had to have surgery on wednesday so have only managed facebook since then.

I really appreciate all your feedback and have taken it all on board. I'll be working with some of the images again.

The images of my cousin were very hard to edit as her face is covered in acne so I think I had a bit of a fail with # 4 due to the editing and not the lighting. Will have to have another go of that one I think.

Thanks heaps.


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WOW! THese are AMAZING! I am soooooo impressed! LOVE the ones of your hubby!