Photographing A udemia

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Photographing A udemia

I got a call the other day asking if I was interested in photographing a band called A udemia.

I explained that I am not a pro and mainly photograph nature and kids. They still wanted me to do it anyway Biggrin

Lets just say that I was extremely nervous about doing this. They were performing at about the hottest live venue in our state in the basement :eek:

Lighting conditions sucked so I knew I was going to have to break out the speedlite.

Anyway before they went on they wanted me to do some band 'album cover'/group shots for promotion on their CD's or website so we went across the road and also out the front of the venue for them.
Let me tell you a rather large girl, not dressed for a night out on the town, dragging a big camera bag and then of course I broke out the camera and the flash on it then for most of the outdoor shots I was either kneeling or laying on the ground it probably was not a pretty sight, then of course it was stinking hot and very humid so I was sweating away as well.

Anyway I would love opinions. Especially on my group shot that I have edited differently a few times.


I loved this capture. would cropping it tighter improve or detract?

First of the same image with different processing. This just has a general clean up and sharpen the rest have different 'moods'

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way to go on trying! Smile I really like the processing on #3 of the group shots. it looks more natural and the colors seem to pop a bit. It's quite nice Smile

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I can't offer and help but #3 in the group shot is my fav

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What a cool opportunity! And so much fun!
I love the first shot too!...(I'm not good at all with creative cropping, so I can't make suggestions on that. Just something that does NOT come natural to me! Hoping it'll come with time/practice!
I like the 3rd group shot the best, too. It's edgy, and I like the coloring!

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I LOVE your editing on #3 & 4 of the group shot! Well done!

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Nice work Cazz! I especially love your b&w conversions! I love high contrast b&w and you've done a great job of it here!