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Photography books

So I am looking for some good photography books that I can get to help me learn more about photography. My doctors are already informing me I will be on hospital bed rest around 24 ish weeks into my current pregnancy, so I am looking for something constructive to do that I enjoy:D. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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Wow, sorry to hear about the extended bedrest. That will be tough. The "bible" for photography is Understanding Exposure ( Post on here as much as possible (even if you have to take photos of your toes in different light and settings)! Way to be positive and constructive with your time!

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I recommend the same book.

Good luck with the bed rest. I was on bedrest from 26 weeks, but luckily it was at home. I hope that the time goes fast for you. And while it totally SUCKS, it is SOOOO worth every second of it! Most people think I'm nuts with all of the trouble I had during my pregnancy with the twins, but I LOVED every single second of it! I would do it again in a heart beat!

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:wavehello: HI THERE! I'm glad you're here! Smile Just posting here has helped a lot over the past couple years! These ladies have some great info and the CC is great when you ask for it Smile I have a couple photography books but I haven't read them all the way through. I have found lots of info just by googling or from here or other boards I lurk on Smile I need to read more about photography though! I love reading more about photoshop Blum 3

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Thanks guys!!! I ordered Understanding Exposure today, and I might also order the Scott Kelby books? Any info on those? It popped up on the list of other recommended books. I really want to learn more about shooting Raw and once its off my camera what I need to do. I do plan on taking my camera to the hospital when I go so I'm sure I'll find stuff to take pictures of to practice!!