Photos of the Kiddo

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Photos of the Kiddo

Just a few photos to share of my Tyler-man. They're not technically perfect, but getting Tyler to sit still for more than 30 seconds is a feat unto itself! I just can't believe how big my little baby has gotten!

Fooling around at the snack bar at Target yesterday. I just happened to have my camera with me after another photo shoot and decided to get a few of little man having a snack.

Taken over a year ago. I asked Tyler to pose for me so that I could test the lighting prior to an infant shoot. Not my best work, but I'm fond of it.

I wish I'd asked him to sit down the cup. This was taken at Harpers Ferry, WV, a beautiful historic site and a great place to photograph in the fall.

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Really sweet photos, Janet! I love the one you took yesterday. It's just such a kid moment, with his head down like that, and I love his crisp, beautiful brown eyes.

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Love the first one. His skin looks very soft while his eyes just pop out, great job!