Photos from my family in the cyclone

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Photos from my family in the cyclone

Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.

It seems luck is on our side as there are still no reported fatalities.

It is still raging across australia but getting less and less powerful as it goes along.

Anyway my Aunt posted pics on facebook and these are posted with permission.

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These pictures really strike a chord with me. My family lives on the Gulf coast and this looks so familiar from when Hurricane Ike came through a couple of years back. I am glad no one has been hurt and I hope the rebuilding can start soon.

(((HUGS))) to you and yours.


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Wow. This is crazy. Tornadoes scare the crap out of me. I am glad everyone is okay. Thanks for the update.

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OMG so scary. But I am SOOO glad that your family is ok and that there are no fatalities so far! I will keep praying for everyone and that the rebuilding process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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Wow. I'm so glad that your family is okay!

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Oh, that just brings me to tears (I'm on the Gulf Coast of the US). I'm glad that everyone seems to be ok, but the destruction is just so profound. They will all continue to be in my prayers.

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I'm so glad your family is safe. Thank you for the update and for sharing the pictures. It looks like there was a lot of devastation, thank goodness everyone is OK. I'll keep your families and their communities in my thoughts as they rebuild.

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Wow! I'm so glad everyone is well. I hope that things can get back to normal soon.

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Wow. I'm so happy that everyone is safe! Those pictures are so devastating. just, wow.

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Wow what a mess, glad to hear everyone was safe, hope the damage isn't too much.

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It's going to take a lot of time to clean up, fix and rebuild. My prayers go out to everyone there.

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Wow! I'm so glad your family is ok. Thanks for updating us.

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Yikes!! I am so glad everyone is ok.

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Wow, what a mess. I am really glad your family is ok.

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I'm glad everyone in your family is okay. It's remarkable (and wonderful) that people made it through that monster storm safely.

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Wow, it's hard for me to even comprehend that kind of destruction. I'm so glad people's lives have been spared. I'm a little at a loss for words.

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Some of the photos coming out of cardwell and the rest of qld are just amazing!

Thanks again