Photos and Question PIC HEAVY

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Photos and Question PIC HEAVY

So I did a shoot for my husband's sister and her son with 2 friends of her's children. I only charged $100 for all my time editing etc. Here are some of the photos that I liked best for CC.

Now here's the question. She called me while I was sleeping last night (been a rough week with baby so I crashed really early.) and my husband took the call. She wants all of the unedited photos so she can play with them. Knowing Jennifer (his sister) I probably never should have done the shoot because she is particular about things but I wanted the experience. What do you guys think about this? I really don't think I want to release them and I pulled all the good ones from the shoot. She got a ton of photos and some collages.

***Some of these didn't convert to low res real well so just ignore some of the noticeable imperfections.
This is my facebook if you want to see a few more from the session.

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Hey Brandie! You have some really nice ideas going on here! One thing that I'm noticing is that you're using the on camera flash. Personally, I think that the flash tends to wash out your subject, and doesn't leave much depth to the photo. Could you use some natural light from the house or garage? Or even maybe move the set up outside? I think you'd be really happy with the results.

#1 - What an adorable pose!!! I'm seeing shadow from the flash on the background, and also some dark spots along the edge of the image.

#2 - Very nice eye contact, and I like them peeking out. Your background looks way darker in this one than the others.

#3 - I like the perspective on this one. I'd like to see this one all in color.

#4 - Cute moment. I'm not a fan of selective coloring myself, though. Background on the baby needs some cleaning up.

#5 - I see something funky going on around blondie's head. Looks like he has a bit of a "halo" around him. Wish you had eye contact from both of them.

#8 - Really not feeling this one much. The conversion looks a little dull, no connection with the boy, and there's a bag or tissue or something in with the balls.

Keep up the practicing! I don't really have any advice on the SIL situation. Any time I do a shoot, I just give them the edited photos. So far, I haven't come across anyone who wants them all. I'm kinda dreading that day and telling them no...

#6 -

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#1 Yeah I did notice that in #1 and her high res doesn't have the blothes on the side of the image. I pulled the low res image to upload here and I must have not resaved over it. I like the shadow in the 1st one so I had left it in.

#2 Yeah Knew that was coming! LOL

When I uploaded them it created all the wavyness and weird lines running through around them and in the background. The highres photos are clear. With Jennifer she really likes the "action" photos as she calls them where they aren't connecting with the camera. Personally I like them looking at me.

I did have as much natural light as possible but when I move (buying a house hopefully soon!) I'll be able to do them outside or inside with a lot of light. The living room has a ton of windows and is big!

I don't think I'll be doing shoots with so many kids however again. It was just to much. They were all over the place and just not wanting to do anything. I hate to say not well behaved but it's kinda true. Smile

So much I need to learn, thanks for the input!

Heres the color

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Well, the biggest thing about that last one and him not looking at the camera, is that there's not really a connection going on with it. You don't know what he's looking at, and interacting with. There's nothing wrong with them not looking at the camera, as long as that connection is there.

For example, in #5, if blondie was looking down at the other boy, instead of into "nothingness", his lack of eye contact would have a purpose. It works in #4, because they're interacting with each other. You have a story going on there.

I hope I made sense lol!

ETA: I know it's hard to get the eye contact. Sometimes I really stink at it with other people's kids! So it happens to all of us!

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Really cute!! Apart from what the others said I think one of the problems with these is that you have tried to create a white background artificially. This will never look great when done in PS. I would just prefer to leave it gray and natural. To avoid shadows, next time pull your subjects far away from the BG, at least 4-5 feet. Hope that helps a bit!!!

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You've had some great CC and I don't have anything to add. As far as giving her the photos on disc, if you don't want to I say don't.

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"robgem" wrote:

You've had some great CC and I don't have anything to add. As far as giving her the photos on disc, if you don't want to I say don't.


I love your collages - your groupings are great and I would truly treasure these shots were it me.


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Thank you guys! It's so much fun to do them!

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No CC to add, I agree with other follow your instinct when it comes to sharing your originals.

Love the shots, it amazes me that you got the boys to co-operate for a photo shoot.