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Photoshop Challenge

Okay ladies.

This image is SOOC.

To me its screaming for some nice PP but I am curious to see how you might do it.

I'll post a small version on here along with the link to the large version so you can have a decent go at it.

I can't wait to see what you come up with


and the link

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bump (b/c I'd love to see what you guys come up with). Smile


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i just did a clean edit, i am a clean edit type of person and he is just so cute!!
and a bw

i cant wait to see what the more pp creative ladies come up with though Biggrin

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I am also big on clean edits. The lack of eye contact and the arm extending out of the photo make it a weaker comp to me, so I just cropped and warmed. (ETA, didnt sharpen, but should have... oops)

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Here's my edit. I don't normally do a lot of inside/studio work, other than newborns, so this was rather new to me.

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You girls are awesome. I love the different takes on these Biggrin

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I really don't consider my self a pro at doing this But I wanted to Try anyway , if you Don't mind