A pic of my daughter

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A pic of my daughter

Feel free to C&C. I've been playing with the new camera, trying to get used to it. Neither of my two are happy about posing for a photo so I spend a lot of time chasing them.

I find I am tending to underexpose pics (trying to shoot mainly on manual). Will keep trying though Smile

S 1/250
Ap: 6.3
ISO 400
ETA: no processing other than a crop to remove clutter I didn't notice when taking pic

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Your DD is too cute. The dappled light on her face is a bit distracting. She looks underexposed. You could have probably used a fill light the help her get exposed properly with a bright background.

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cute shot! Smile I agree with El. A fill light would have been great. Do you shoot in RAW? You could always use the fill light option in ACR Smile it helps a bit.

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I do shoot in RAW. I have forgotten so much! It is like starting from the beginning again. Thanks for the C&C

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You got some good CC already, but wanted to tell you how cute your little one is!