Pics of Collin

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Pics of Collin

Editing is a slow process for me with all that is going on, but I wanted to share a few of Collin's newborn pics. CC always welcome.



3 (shoulders?)

4 (no shoulders?)






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Aw, he's so sweet! What a beautiful boy you have, Danielle! And so chubby (like my little Micah was!). Biggrin

I love #4, really beautiful!

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Oh, he is so gorgeous! Makes me excited to hold my little guy in my arms. I like the head and arms shot without the shoulders better than with the shoulders. Good job on these.

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These are so AWESOME and Collin is just so precious!

I prefer #4 without the shoulders. And I simply LOVE the conversion! In fact, I just love everything there is about this one! All of the conversions look great, actually, I especially like #6 and #7.

Thanks for sharing! I needed this pick me up today. Smile


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Oh my! #4 is amazing! Love the hands (DH?) but they go so sweet with the newborn baby! CONGRATS! I love the conversion in #6 too!

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Thank you. :giveflower: I'm really glad I did well on the conversions. It's something I've struggled with. I have to admit that I got an action for it. But I make my own tweaks afterward.

@ Sadie- They are DH's hands.

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I was scared to say manly hands in case they weren't DH's, but I love how gentle his hands are, holding a newborn. PRECIOUS!