Pics from the wedding

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Pics from the wedding

Oh we have had a disastrous week, our house, which was supposed to settle on thursday, fell through. Turns out that it was not yet out of probate and would be weeks. That happened thursday. Its lucky that our apartment is owned by us, and even though we have arranged for it to be rented, we can still stay here till we need to.....
Friday, some guy reversed into our car and the front of my 1 year old car is a mess Sad
Friday night I had to have my hair done..... which thankfully turned out very cool. Saturday we spent the morning trying to work out what we were going to do about finding a house that it was a very tense day leading up to the wedding.
It threatened rain, but only a few spits during the ceremony.

I also had to do a reading at the wedding... I didn't know I was first up. No noone will know this but me and public speaking are not on good terms. In fact I could barely utter I do at my own wedding.

But I made it though.

Anyway I understand why wedding photographers get paid the big bucks. I couldnt never do it and don't think I would ever want to.....

So that being said here are my efforts. I was the only guest there with a DSLR and respect for the pro's.... lots of aunties and relatives who kept getting in the way of the Pro team. This is why mine are mostly candid style, odd angles etc.

Feel free to CC, or just comment if you like








Very annoying shoulder in the way, all I could do to stop it being so distracting



The littlest flowergirl







One of my favourites Biggrin

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oh wow, sorry about the house and the car. I hope you get both sorted out soon

Looks like a very nice wedding.

16 is really nice, the starburst is a bit much for me. I think smaller starbursts would have given it an awesome look without being "here's the star" if that makes sense (just me though)

6 and 7 are really cute. I think I prefer 6 becuase it is more pulled back and kinda feels like you're peeking in on a moment

great job Smile

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These are great! You did such a good job! I am sorry to hear about the house and car though. :confused: Hopefully things will get better soon!

I think my favs are #1, 6, & 14! I am glad you did it although it was tough! Great practice!

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Sounds like quite a rollercoaster of a weekend. Despite all going on around you, you got some wonderful catches here!

My faves are #1 and #6. I might like a slightly tigher crop on #6, but it really is one of my favorites. It has such an intimate feel to it. And it shows how the pros can't be everywhere and see everything.

You have a great eye, Cazz and I know your friends are going to cherish these.

Hope this week is better all the way around!


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Sorry about the hard times. Hope things work out for you and soon!

I want to say how much I love the sharpness and color of your photos. They are just so crisp.

Love #1, 9, and 15. The family moments are just so sweet.

I agree with the PP about the sparkles/stars. Maybe size them down a bit. Great idea, just a little over done for my taste.

I know the bride will be very happy with what you got. Some of them are better than my wedding shots and I paid a ton!!