A picture tour of my new apartment

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A picture tour of my new apartment

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may remember we moved to our new apartment in November. While the area is fantastic we are already looking for a new place. A house this time. We'll keep the apartment as an investment.

Anyway I thought I would give you the tour in pictures.... It will take a while though so I hope you are nice and comfortable.

This concludes our tour :p:p:p

Seriously, its been really hard with the lack of space. Martin has a huge music collection including almost 3000 vinyl LP records and almost 500 posters, plus we have a great dane and a chihuahua and its a little cramped.

So we are back on the house hunt... UGH but I hope we can find something nice Biggrin


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holy cow! yeah, that's tiny!!!! did you know that it was that small before you moved it? yikes!

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wow a great dane in there too :O
crazy, good luck with the house hunt

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Too funny Cazz! Hope you find more spacious digs soon!

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LOL! I hope you find a bigger place soon!

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Wow! that is pretty little! Hope you find a house that meets all your needs soon. I remember seeing pics of your dh's music room! He needs more space! and so do you!