Pictures from my class (cc please)

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Pictures from my class (cc please)

I had my classes last week and they were so much fun. I learned a lot but also got a lot of what I learned from you ladies reinforced and explained hands-on. We went to a local historical state park where we spent some time in class looking at slides and the other part outside walking around taking pictures. I really enjoyed myself and am thinking of taking a private class with him to focus on people photography. I really want to get better at taking pictures of my kids and family. It was really hard picking but here are a few of the 235 pictures I took. All of them are up on flickr if you want to see the rest. These are all SOOC and taken in manual.
1. f5.6, 1/200sec, 400ISO, 55mm
2. f11, 1/400sec, 100ISO, 36mm
3. f5.6, 1/100sec, 100ISO, 55mm
4. f5.6, 1/250sec, 100ISO, 55mm
5. f22, 1/80sec, 800ISO, 55mm
6. f22, 1/80sec, 1000ISO, 55mm

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So jealous of your class! I'd love to take one!

I think that my favorite is #2. I like the sunburst that you got, and the blue sky.

#1 looks overexposed to me.

Love the pretty pink flowers you found.

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I'm jealous of your class too! Biggrin Glad you had that opportunity -- sounds awesome!

I really love #2! Great shot!

#1 and #4 look overexposed to me, but #4 is neat composition, I think.

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Thanks ladies. I actually found the class by accident while looking through our weekly advertiser. You should look around and see if you have cheap classes in your area. I also found out that there is a local photography club very close to where I live that I didn't know about. Also since connecting with some local beginner professionals they inform me of everything going on in our area and keep me connected. You never know unless you try.