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Ok so tonight I sat down and wasted a lot of time on Pinterest (getting to know it), just curious who of you is on there and if you've pinned anything cool having to do with photography.

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I've been using it for a few months now and although I mostly use it for crafts & recipes, I do also pin inspirational photos/photos I love, and other stuff (home ideas, history, etc.).

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Ya, I pin more for fun. Recipes I LOVE and I have pinned some stuff for photography too.

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I haven't checked it out. I feel like I'd get sucked into the abyss if I went there! A friend was just saying the other day that they have lots of great photography stuff there, though.

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I love Pinterest Smile I've found lots of great stuff there. Initially, I got really sucked into it. Now I've backed off a bit, but I can still spend a ton of time there Wink

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Oh Pinterest, how I adore thee!!!

I'm a sucker for the whole thing. I love it. I use it for everything you can think of. I've pinned recipies, crafts, decorating ideas, and photography. If I see a pose I like, I pin it for inspiration. I did that with the last engagement shoot and I've done it for our local meet-up groups inspiration. I've also found some pretty good tips through the site for different things about settings to cleaning your camera, etc.

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My name is Cazz and I am a pin-o-holic!

Love it. I have backed off a little though because I also love foodgawker too