planned anniversary photo

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planned anniversary photo

I have a friend & coworker whom I've known for 10 years now, and back when Eva was born, her mother watched Eva for several months, so we got to know her mother & dad pretty well. When I share Eva pics with my friend, she usually shows them to her parents too since they used to watch Eva and were very fond of Eva.

They've all been enjoying my photos a lot and have even shown interest in me photographing my friend's own son who is 6 months younger than Eva.

Today my friend's mom called to ask me if I could take an informal portrait of her & her husband for their 40th anniversary. We are going to try for an outside pic, unless the weather is bad, then we'll try for inside in front of a large bay window.

I don't yet own a speedlight or any other type of fancy lighting. I almost always shoot manual with natural light only, for Eva's pics, now that I have the T1i.

Any tips for this upcoming portrait? Especially if we end up indoors? I will try to look at Flickr to check out poses.

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Well, since I don't have all that fancy indoor stuff either, I don't have much advice. I just try my hardest to shoot outdoors. However, I have taken a few indoors without my flash, and had decent luck and that's with two small windows. If they have a nice bay window, you should be okay since they are grownups and they won't be moving every which way! Lol

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I wish I had advice, but I could use some indoor advice as well. Good luck and be sure to post some pics when you are done.