Playing around with Photoshop...

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Playing around with Photoshop...

I love playing with photoshop and sometimes I get carried away making my own actions which I later on end up not liking or using lol I make my own b&w actions but I am not even sure if they are good enough. I don't do b&w very often. Maybe I should huh? Wink Anyway, here are a few pictures I've been playing with today. I have been listening a lot to Hurts lately and watching their videos. And we just bought tickets to their concert here in March! Yay! I just love the style of their videos though, the colors... and wanted to make some sort of action or something kind of with those colors. I am not really satisfied yet though so I'll keep playing around with it I'm sure. It works on some pictures, and not so much on others.

the first one I played with last night. I actually edited it in ACR but the sky was blown but the buildings were not underexposed. So I went back and made sure not to over expose the sky (buildings were way underexposed though) and brought it back to PS, and replaced the sky. It was a bit hard and I'm sure I didn't do that great of a job but eh...I'm just playing. I don't know. I really like the look of it. I don't think this type of edit would work on a portrait though.

Hurts Inspired Play by loidaeg, on Flickr

And one I did today. I don't really know about this one.

November 026 copy by loidaeg, on Flickr

same action as above, slightly adjusted the layers,

November 074 copy 2 by loidaeg, on Flickr

a b&w action I made that I actually really like. What do you think?

November 074 copy by loidaeg, on Flickr

and a regular edit. Edited in ACR, opened in PS, slight curves adjustment and saved.

November 074 by loidaeg, on Flickr

And just to show an example...these actions don't look good on portrait shots or pictures with someone. Blum 3 She looks pale and I don't like that! Anyway, she was sleeping. The flash did not wake her up lol

November 024 by loidaeg, on Flickr

TFL! Let me know what you think! I'm really anxious to make a good action that I can actually use more often. I need to read (watch) more tutorials on how to use Photoshop properly because I'm sure there's lots I don't know about. Smile


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I love the first's very striking. I also like all three of the statues...especially the B&W! I am so overwhelmed by PS!

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I agree about the first one striking your attention!

LOVE #2- to me it looks Christmasy- not sure why though!

I personally perfer the regular edit on the statue.

Good job on making your own!

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I love the colors and comp of #1, really nice. The sky looks good too. Of the statues, I like the 1st edit best Smile it's so fun to play with effects and make your own actions.

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thanks! Smile I was inspired!

Speaking of Christmas and #2. I should really head downtown sometime this month to get the lights that they put up for Christmas. Hmm.. Smile

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I love #1, the colors are so nice and I think you did a good job with the sky and buildings.

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thanks Smile they sky was a bit hard. Here is the original of #1. I edited in ACR (white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast) and then curves in PS. And saved. The sky is not blown but its pretty white. If I bring down the exposure though you can see all the clouds in the sky. Funny how that happens sometimes. I like both edits I think. The first one looks a bit moody to me though and I like that. Well, that's just my own opinion Smile I like moody. This is downtown Oslo btw. Karl Johan street. I've walked this street many times. I think I am going to miss it when we move.

Normal Edit by loidaeg, on Flickr