Playing on manual

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Playing on manual

Again, SOOC so not great, I just wanted to show that I've been playing with manual on the camera and I've been learning about aperture/shutter speed and I'm starting a little folder of things I learn/tutorials I follow - I had a fun day playing with the camera and I'm looking forward to getting out tomorrow and doing some manual shots with what I learned today.

I have all the details of the settings noted down but for some reason photoshop has uploaded them into a different order and it's getting late here now so I'll come back and add that info in tomorrow if people are interested Smile

ETA I also don't know why they're showing so big - I've resized them on photobucket but it doesn't seem to have shown them resized and I'm not sure why? Hopefully they'll realise soon and shrink down, if not I'll remove them. Sorry!

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Keep at it!!

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that's great that you're practicing! that's how I started too. I have folder called practice ... it's 18 months old, I should delete it. Lol But I like looking back on it.

the pictures aren't huge here.

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I learned early on that it was MUCH easier to practice outside or with a bunch of natural light.

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Yep, I had one (or two or ten) of those folders, too! Lol

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what a great way to get your feet wet!!!

I can't wait to see your next set. Smile


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way to go to get started! keep it up. Smile i remember having lots of photos like these...OMG. TONS of them! lol going all the way back when i used my P&S on the manual setting..hehe

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Way to go.... I remember going to Sydney soon after I got my camera and I had no idea about manual settings....... I got lots of black shots and lots of very white shots.... I thought I had broken my camera and spent the rest of the trip on auto cos I couldnt work out what I'd done. Practice is good and you will surely see the difference the more you practice... definately start a folder for practice so that in a years time when you still dont think you are getting it right, you can look back and see just how much you really will have improved.. I say this because sometimes I look at my now pics and say.... have I really improved all that much and then I look at my then pics and say wow.... did I really think I was good back then.

Keep at it!