popping in with a question (camera bags)

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popping in with a question (camera bags)

Hi Ladies!

Just have a quick question for you...

What camera bag do you have?

I find that I don't like taking my camera with me because it's just so much more to carry. So I grab my point and shoot to toss in my purse...which I always regret because the pictures aren't as nice quality.

I found these bags ( http://jototes.com/handbags ), which I really like, but I wanted to shop around a bit more so I thought I'd see what you were all using. My camera did come with a full-sized backpack, but again, it's a little big and just way more to carry.

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:wavehello: Ash! Glad to see you over here! Smile

I don't have any advice b/c I hate my camera bag, but I have seen some really cute DIY ones. I will be watching this thread too!

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Jo totes look sooooo cute but I can't afford that kind of cash for a bag yet so I bought a protective insert on amazon.com and just put it into a cheap purse with a flat bottom...i love it and it works for about $25