Popping in to say HI :) ... with an E-session!

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Popping in to say HI :) ... with an E-session!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone! It's been ages! Pregnancy, toddlers, first graders, and life sure do keep me busy.

I have been working with friends and family to shoot as much as I can during the modified bedrest and killer contractions with this pregnancy. I really miss working with my camera like I used to and it's probably showing that I'm struggling but I love doing anything when I have the chance.

Our neighbors got engaged almost a year ago and finally are getting to setting a date and taking photos! I was thrilled that they asked me to do their pics! We had a wonderful time and it really fired my love for taking photos again. So much easier to work with adults! This was my first engagement and I LOVED it! I've only done four edits so far...just a little wb and exposure tweak in ACR and a levels adjustment in PS. I'm totally lost when it comes to CMYK but I'm sooo trying. I just can't figure it out for the life of me, no matter how many tuts I read! Just wanted to share the four I have done so far. Smile Hope everyone is doing well! I still catch up and read frequently and I just love watching so many people grow in such an exciting field!

1/1600 f2.8 50mm

1/2000 f2.8 50mm

1/1000 f1.8 50mm (lots of magenta in this one!)

1/800 f1.8 50mm

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YAY for being able to take pics of ADULTS! Lol I can only imagine how much easier they are! I love the photos. My fav is #2. I love the angle and the fountain. You did a great job on these and I am sure they adore them! I hope you continue to do well. KUP!

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these are lovely Smile i too like #2. Amber had a great tutorial on here about skin tones and cmyk %'s. It took me awhile to understand but I get it now. Sorta anyway. Smile Sometimes I just let it slide because it looks fine to me Blum 3 hope you stick around and post more often!

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oh, I love these!!!!! my favorites are 2 & 4. I bet the couple loves them. the horizon is tilted on 2 though, I find that a bit distracting.

that stinks about the bedrest though ...

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Great job! I like them all and am still struggling with skin tone too. They look alright to me for what its worth! Glad you are back! I teach first grade too!

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I like #3 the best. I can't comment on skin tone since my monitor is calibrated, but it looks good on my screen.

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oh you posted this just in the nick of time! I have an e-session in a few weeks and was needing some inspiration - BLESS YOU!!!

Love that plant behind them in #1 ... it's so soft looking, but the couple doesn't seem connected in that one. I wish they were touching more or that one of them was looking at the other instead of them both looking at you.

#2 is GREAT! I even like the tilt (& I'm not normally a fan of that). I'm going to try this pose myself if I can find a fountain. Wink

#3 is another great shot! I love the playful feel. Her ring seems to sparkle and shine. And they look so happy together. Very nice!

#4 is my favorite! I can't comment on color b/c I'm at work, but everything looks AMAZGING to me in this shot.


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thanks a ton for the CC everyone! Smile I've gotten 30 edited so far and I'm loving all of them! Still have a third more to go through! Definitely my most successful shoot to date. Feels so good to be able to do this for such wonderful neighbors! We are making one last trip to visit family before I hang it up until this pregnancy is over. The docs have said it is ok as long as I'm feeling alright....so I've asked my SIL to take pics of her newborn (8 days old tomorrow for the shoot) and my good friends little girl's first birthday cake smash and party pics! Hope for as good of a turn out on those! My first newborn...I'm quite nervous!

Thanks again for all the advice! I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to come back with some photos from this weekend too! Smile ((((hugs)))) to everyone!