Portrait weekend Day 1

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Portrait weekend Day 1

Okay so my portrait weekend started out rough an old friend brought her boys over for photos. They didn't want them done at all and grumbled throughout the entire 30 minutes. Did not want photos together. It took a it of coaxing.

Then my gorgeous cousin came for more. I love her to bits. and she stayed the rest of the day to help, answer the door, get drinks hold reflector etc.

Then my old high school teacher who is now an author had asked for portraits for her promotional media and book jacket. Don't know if this is THE pic but I have only edited one from each session.

Then friend and her three munchkins came, baby did not want a bar of anything today.

This little girl is autistic

This next family are two sisters and their babies. I met Jo(the blonde one, on an IVF forum I use to be on. It was utter chaos and the little ones mostly screamed but I managed to get some great shots in the end.

Brother and sister

and sisters (jo's girls)

Then a lovely lady I met on the IVF board here at preg.org came to join the fun with her babies. First time we've met up in person but wont be the last. I want to kidnap her boy and take photos of him forever Biggrin

I had another two sessions scheduled but one thought it was tomorrow and the other broke her wrist and leg and couldn't make it.

I swear that minimal editing was done today, sharpen, cropping played with the blacks a little but nothing else. I'm so very happy with them.

Now I get to do it all over again tomorrow and I can NOT wait!

Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I loved taking them.


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Well today was day two and while I am about to go to bed I had a look through some of the photos I took today so here are a couple of them

Its funny but these two kids are the babies of my first high school boyfriend Biggrin

I have asked to do a dedicated location photo shoot with this little chicky! Such a shining personality.

And her mum

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nak so i cant type much, but the first set is AMAAAZING! couldnt see 2nd set? idk why
love the 3 babies, great focus and color/contrast!

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First set looks great!! Such a great (and brave) idea. I couldn't see the second set.

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Thanks Guys.

I've fixed the link... I think!

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Great work! I bet it was a lot of fun!

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It's all working for me, Cazz and these continue to look AMAZING!

I know this had to be a lot of work, but I hope you had a lot of fun in the process.



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Not sure what happened to my post, I was sure I replied. Just thought I'd chime in and say great job, I really don't know how someone can do what you did.

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Thanks again.

It was so much fun that the hard work was not an issue.

I had over 17 groups/families over the entire weekend so it was a lot of work.

It is going to take a while to get through these shots though Biggrin


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wow you have been busy!!
they all look AMAZING though , great focus!!

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What a fun thing to do!! Good for you!! These all look great!!

I think #2 of the second set is my FAVORITE! So adorable!!

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I have heaps and heaps more on my facebook page. look me up if you arent my friend.

Caroline Cazz Kaeser is how you'll find me... or I think the link is in my siggy Biggrin