portraiture & noiseware, worth it?

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portraiture & noiseware, worth it?

MCP twittered a 20% coupon for these: http://twitter.com/mcpactions

For those of you that have either one do you love it? Is it worth the $$??

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I like both Potraiture and Noiseware. It helps me clean up my photo when I am using really high ISo and get that grainy picture.

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I recently started using Portraiture and run it on all of my photos at a reduced opacity and really love the finished feeling I get on their skin.

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Love them both, especially the noiseware.

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I use neat image for my noise reducing and it's a must have for me. Especially if I have to shoot in low light and need to use a higher than ideal ISO. I don't have portraiture, but I want it. I used and really enjoyed the trial. I find that it needs to be used with a really light hand, but it was a real time-saver. It's on my to purchase eventually list.

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Amber where did you get neat image? how expensive is it?