Posing couples - 3 for CC

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Posing couples - 3 for CC

Oh I suck at posing. Seriously suck at it. It's easier to just chase my 2 year old around and hope for a good shot....not really, but I need to figure this posing mess out!

These are all SOOC. Any CC welcome because this is the first couple I've ever done.

Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1600)
Aperture f/2.0
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 800


Exposure 0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 800



Exposure 0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 1600


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I think the first one looks great.

#2 the couple looks a bit underexposed, and the fountain is growing right out of her head. That's an important one to look out for, and it takes time, I still have all kinds of tree heads and post heads happening in my photos:p. Maybe it would have worked better if they were closer to the fountain?

#3 also looks a bit dark, and quite cool. I like the pose, but I wish more of her face was showing. The tree is really nice, but you may want to re-crop this because your eyes are dead center in the frame.

Great job for your first couple! Yahoo Sorry I don't have any posing tips for you as I'm quite new to posing too... I'm used to chasing toddlers Smile

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Beautiful shots really captured the affection between them well, I find that something is off with the focus, but not being overly experienced I am not sure what exactly it is.

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Couples are fun, but sometimes they are hard. If they don't mind goofing around and being sincere, it's hard. You want them to be natural.

1. This is my fav. I love the location. Her expression is kind of odd though.
2. I agree about the fountain. I wish you would have stepped to your left some and then it would have been in the frame. Looks a bit dark too.
3. I wish I could see more of her face! I love the way he's looking at her! I had this same problem with my SIL & brother b/c she was so much shorter, but I put her in a chair. Looks a bit dark here too.

Good job!

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Thanks! The first picture I happened to drive past a couple hours before I met them. We don't have fall colors here...just a few trees here and there, so I called them and changed our meeting place to here! Seriously, the leaves are already half gone, so I was lucky to get anything at all! Next year though....

On the last two - it was right before sunset and we were in a park with tons and tons of oak trees...a huge canopy above us. Other than lower my shutter speed, what could I have done differently to get more light?

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Is this Savanah? I love Savanah! I think I'd move there if I could!

I agree that the last two are kinda dark, but I think you did a good job with posing them. They look very natural to me. I, too, am one to just chase my toddler around and hope that I catch a good one Wink I can't imagine trying to pose people!

The first one is definately my favorite!

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I'm thinking a reflector or a speed light is your best bet to get more light (and thus raise your shutter speed) in these situations. your ISO was already pretty high. I'm not sure how well your camera handles higher ISOs, so in order to get the ss back up, you need more light. For that you can use a speed light, a reflector, or possibly, since the light was soft and fading, perhaps you could even turn the couple TOWARD the light instead of having it come from behind them. In harsher lighting conditions, that will get a squint and shadows, but in soft light like this it might work out for you.

These are great and I'm sure the couple will be really happy with them. My favorite is the first one. Posing, lighting, exposure ... everything looks spot on! Great job!


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I love number one! I'm not going to use the right language here (bc I don't KNOW the right language! Smile ), but I love where they are in relation to the fence and trees. Everything just looks perfectly placed!

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Thanks everyone! And yep, Savannah Smile I love it here! I can't wait to explore downtown more and get more shots in...

The last photo they were actually facing the light more than #2. #2, they were completely back to the light, duh....but I saw the tree and the color and didn't think beyond that Smile

The last one the sun was just to their right, but since there are so many huge oak trees, I'm sure it filtered all the good light.

So now I know to start the photo shoot a little earlier in that park!

Thanks so much everyone....now to learn how to slightly process these......

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I think you did nice job. Adults are difficult for me too!

I think if you could have gotten more light in their faces in the second and third, they would have been much stronger images. Love #1, though Smile