Potpourri--A Little Bit of Everything for CC (Pic Heavy)

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Potpourri--A Little Bit of Everything for CC (Pic Heavy)

Below are a mix of nature shots I took yesterday and some pics from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, that I took a couple of weeks ago. I'll I'd appreciate your CC!

Sorry I don't have complete setting info, but I'll be happy to retrieve if anyone has questions.

1. Eastern Amberwing (ISO 200, 60mm macro lens)

2. Eastern Amerwing - I love this guy! He looks kind of like a little pug!

3. Train (ISO 200, 55-200 lens) - I'll post more train shots as I edit them. This old engine was stopped along the tracks on the military base where I work yesterday. I couldn't resist getting some shots of it.

4. Maiky, a Dominican friend (ISO 400, 55-200 lens, taken about 5p.m., after a rainstorm; overcast skies) I played with the eyes a little because they looked a bit "hollow. How is the color?

5. Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, detail from an old window (ISO 400, 55-200 lens). I like the colors but had to play around with the composition because it didn't have a strong focal point. Thoughts or opinions?

6. Santo Domingo restaurant. I couldn't resist photographing this adorable little girl! I used my zoom in order to be unobtrusive.

7. Old fortress/museum in the Colonial Zone. I like the texture and elements in #7 and #8. Having chickens and peafowl running around the grounds of a public museum with an employee's motorbike against the wall is so Dominican! I wasn't 100% satisfied with the composition in #8, so I did this crop. Also, I bumped up the contrast and color to give it a more "artsy" feel. What do you all think?


9. Young Dominican guy on motorbike, Colonial Zone. This picture has a historical reference. The photos on the background wall are of two of the Mirabal sisters. There were four sisters born in the 1920s to a prominent Dominican family. Three of them joined joined in underground attempts to overthrow the dictator Trujillo. Their code name was "Las Mariposas"/the Butterflies. Coming back from a visit to see their imprisoned husbands, their jeep was ambushed by Trujillo's hinchmen, and they were murdered. Anger from their murder helped spark the revolt that led to Trujillo's assassination a year later. The boy's eyes in the photo look a little pin-lightish, but I didn't use a flash.

10. Windows, Colonial Zone

11. Tia Felicita, DH's aunt. This is really more of a snapshot, but I like included it because of its Dominican elements. The iron grill on the front of the apartment is typical as it adds security but lets cool air come through into the sitting room. Calling up to the person you've come to visit--the "Dominican doorbell" is also very typical!

Thanks for looking!

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COOL! I always look forward to your posts.

1. TRIPPY! Talk about BOKEH too! I think this guy is straight out of my nightmares. Wink

2. He doesn't look quite so alien here. Smile Focus looks awesome. Bokeh is beautiful too.

3. Nifty. I want to see more. I can imagine a conductor hanging out of that window.

4. Nice composition. Eyes still look a little off. The whites of the eyes are yellow on my monitor. I like his smile though.

5. Personally, I like it. It's true that my eye doesn't exactly know where to look first, but I think that is kinda the point of this kind of shot. I like how you used the window frame to frame the shot. I'll bet those glass panes throw off some fun light when the light hits them.

6. She's BEAUTIFUL! Love those eyes and you got great light in them!

7/8. I think I like the landsacpe shot better myself. There's a sense of motion to it w/ both birds that you don't get in the portrait crop. I love the ruggedness of that wall. WAY COOL!

9. This seems to be the same pic as 7/8. I would love the see the background wall w/ the Mirabal sisters. Julia Alvarez's novel about them is one of my all time favorites!

10. AWESOME! This could be a shot for the DR tourist board. Love the trailing line of windows. And the splash of greenery in this first windown is AWESOME!

11. Snapshot or not, it's a great shot. I love how you framed her with the iron grill. She's very pretty too.


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"acarbo99" wrote:

9. This seems to be the same pic as 7/8. I would love the see the background wall w/ the Mirabal sisters. Julia Alvarez's novel about them is one of my all time favorites!

--Just fixed it. I pasted without recopying. D'oh! I'm a big Julia Alvarez fan, too! I'll try to post the shot I took of just the wall, which shows all three sisters.

11. Snapshot or not, it's a great shot. I love how you framed her with the iron grill. She's very pretty too.

--I'll tell her you said so! She's in her mid 50s and has several grandkids, believe it or not!


Thanks for all your comments!!!

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Wow what a great set! I would be so happy if these were mine (lol)!! I LOVE the warmth and textures of the pics from Santo Domingo, wow. Such awesome textures.

I love the 2nd dragonfly pic--the face is perfect. How did you get sooooo close--dragonflies are always so skittery for me.

I LOVE the peacock/motorcycle photo (cropped version)!!! I am in love with that and its colors!!

I also love the old window shot. Great textures and colors.

#4 has awesome bokeh & focus! but his head & eyes are too centered for me. His smile looks slightly sheepish LOL

The train photo is great--I love your processing and the color, and the richness of the reflection/shine of the window.

The little girl photo is great too--love her eyes and dress. I might like to see it cropped closer?

I LOVE the windows/window boxes too--such awesome brickwork and color!

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Lots of great creativity here, love it!

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Thanks guys!

Amy, I tried to chase that dragonfly around and sneak up on him by stealth, but it's hard to be stealthy when you're 200X the size of the thing you're chasing! Smile I ended up lying on the ground on my belly. Fortunately, he kept coming back to the same plant, so I got a good 15-20 minutes of shooting.

GiGi, I just cropped and slightly enlarged the photo of the little girl. I was concerned about chopping limbs, but hopefully this shot doesn't look bad. I ran it through noiseware (my first time using it), and I think it brought out her eyes a little more. I'm actually very happy because this is the first time I've gotten really good catchlights. The weather in the Dominican Republic this time was cruddy for the tourists but great for photographers!