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PP advice on one photo

I'm working on my recent family photo shoot ... I have about 25 photos to edit, and it's taking me so long to decide on what exactly I want to do.

Here's my first edit ... I don't want to show you SOOC because this is actually a merge of three photos. With four kids, not everyone was looking at the same time. So I did some head swapping. My first question is - can you tell? I'm not telling you who I swapped until I find out if you can tell. Wink

My second question is - how are the colors? This was SOOC, and then I ran Pioneer Woman's lovely and ethereal action. I don't like being dependent on actions, but I'm still not sure how to bring the best colors into the photo. My SOOC lacked oomph, and this action gave it great oomph (I think). But I want to know what others think too.

Anyhow, I will post a SOOC of the "base" photo once I get some feedback on my first question, just to get more thoughts on the best way to PP.

Meanwhile, I'm hitting submit and rushing out the door to pick up my daughter from school. Ack!

Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 28 mm
ISO Speed: 400

IMG_9987 web

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I'm not qualified to comment on the color! It looks good to me, but when other people comment, I then see the color issues on other posts! So I'll the others handle that question.

As far as the headswap...it looks like the boy that is on the mom's lap. The reason I say it is b/c the mom's chin looks like it's been chopped off.

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I think the color looks great.

I think the two boys on the left were head swapped. The jaw lines look to sharp to me. But, if you didn't tell me they were swapped, I wouldn't have been looking for anything like that Smile

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ditto on the boy on mom's lap b/c of her chin
the girls face looks off esp compared the the rest of the family (hmmm did you swap her too from another pic with different lighting?) and the boy in blue looks a tad dark esp compared to hands (another swap? or he's just darker?)

(but i'm not that good with colour nor calibrated so maybe I'm way off)

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The boy in blue was swapped...I'm positive...you've missed a spot to mask out above his head. The boy in mom's lap was swapped..I think...looks like the shadow on mom's chin isn't quite right.

For color..it's not too bad...just a touch yellow and could use a little more red. The biggest issue is too much contrast which is making the shadows look overly orange. Careful with that contrast...I know it gives good pop...but it also does bad stuff to skin. If you must use it, mask it off the skin a bit.

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you guys are good!

boys on left were swapped, and the girl was swapped from another photo. I actually fixed the spots above the older boy and under mom's chin, so I think I'm good to go there. I lowered the opacity of the action (which is where the contrast is coming from). I'll have to play with the colors to see if I can add any more red.

here's a fixed version (and I fixed it more above the older boy's head in my latest version, just don't have that uploaded)

IMG_9987 fixed web

And here's the SOOC of the base photo
IMG_9987 sooc web

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I like the newest version, Gwen. I use that action from time to time as well - it's one of my favorites.

Anyway ... I'm at work, so I can't REALLY comment on color. Things look pretty good from here - my monitor here at work darkens things so despite the fact that it looks a TAD dark, i'd bet that's just my monitor.

The difference between you latest edit and the original shot is amazing! you really brought out the colors and the head swaps look GREAT! (especially since you fixed the bit above the oldest boy's head).

TFS, Gwen!


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You need to work more on the left boy's face. I can definitely see a line on his left side of his face (our right). Otherwise the new version is much better than the first.

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"esti1423" wrote:

You need to work more on the left boy's face. I can definitely see a line on his left side of his face (our right). Otherwise the new version is much better than the first.

that's his ear. his whole body and head is in the new picture. Wink I had to zoom in, because it does look like a line from here ... but it's definitely the way it's supposed to be. Smile so on the full print size version, it looks perfect.