practice with skintone editing (5 pics) for cc

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practice with skintone editing (5 pics) for cc

I was taking pics of Eva in the shade of the back porch this week (as usual, since the sun is soooo bright lately, but hey I'm not complaining!)...and in this set I had to fix her skin color on many of them since it was looking very blue and/or magenta.

So does her skin look "right" to you in these? if not how can I improve them?

I don't have settings posted since I'm only asking for CC on the skin color, but let me know if you want to see settings for any. These were sharpened for web but some still look soft to me.






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I am clueless with skin tones, so take what I say and throw it out Wink

In the first picture it looks like their is a red color cast on the outside of her right arm. That's really the only thing noticable to me in any of the pictures.

Eva is just a cutie, though. LOVE #4

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I am the same, I suck at skin tones, so you can throw out what I say too.

1. there is a bit of a red color cast. Moreso on her left arm (our right).
2. does look a bit soft.

LOVE #4. Look at how cute she is! Great job!

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I wish I could give you some CC on the skin tones, but I'm CLUELESS!!!!

I did want to say what a cutie she is! ADORABLE!!! #4 is my fave also, she just looks so sweet and innocent there!

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Thank you! I do see that red colorcast now--thank you, I didn't notice at first. Would I do a correction on just her arm then, rather than the whole pic?

I can tell #2 is warmer than #3 but she still looks "right" in both of them somehow, to I don't know.

*Here is one I REALLY had trouble with, and so I DIDN'T work on yet....she looks SO gray compared to other pics in that chair (it was her idea to bring her chair down to sit in lol):

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and here's one more similiar to that #4 that you like: