Practicing--- laugh all you want. :) Pic Heavy

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Practicing--- laugh all you want. :) Pic Heavy

So I decided to pull my camera out and play around with the lighting and props in the office this afternoon. I was sitting in one spot, so my angles aren't very creative. But I wanted to look at the way the light was falling, and how the colors of the props worked together on camera. Let me just say, it wasn't easy trying to pose a baby doll.. and the open eyes are a little freaky. Smile Any CC on lighting/ processing would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get some really good pictures of my new LO upon his/her arrival.









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Danielle, I won't laugh - I think that's a great idea to try in advance with a doll!

In the first and the third one, it seems like if you just swung the doll's feet around a little, feet coming closer to you, head going back, perhaps the light would be more favourable. Right now, there are shadows across the bridge of the nose that you probably won't want, and shadow from the headband, which probably wouldn't be the case with your baby of course, because the band would fit more properly, but it just shows that the light wasn't quite at the right angle, I think.

I think the position of the doll relative to the light is much better in #5, #6, and #7. Very even and lovely!

I like the simple blankets with the white wrap or green textured wrap better in the later images too. That highly textured yellow/orange/white blanket in the earlier ones distracts me a little bit.

You're going to get such beautiful pictures of your baby, having done some practice and figured out what works best for you!

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Thanks Tracy!

The light in 7 and 8 is my favorite too. With the first few, I originally had in mind to have the baby doll on it's belly-- butt in the air type poses, as far as positioning for the right light... Couldn't quite get it to work out, since the baby doll tends to go face down. Smile Here is the only one I managed to get-- SOOC. The focus is a bit off since I was trying to do it one handed... but I think the lighting is pretty good.


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I think the lighting in that last one looks really good. And I actually really like the fall colored blanket quite a lot. I think with a nice solid color wrap for babe it'll be great!

That said, my favorite color combo in this set is #5. I'm getting so excited for you - I know you must be as well!

Take care,

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Great job practicing! I agree that the last one has the best lighting. If you can, try practicing with the older ones as well, paying attention to where those shadows are! Can't wait to see some with your baby!