pregnancy shoot:) cc welcome

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pregnancy shoot:) cc welcome

katie pregnancy1 (7 of 7)

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katie pregnancy1 (1 of 7)

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Hi Tia!! Some real quick CC from me while I have the chance:

#1 - Not sure I like how dad is posing. He doesn't seem very connected to mom at all. And I don't really like his hand in his back pocket. I had trouble reading the sign. Not sure if it's this monitor or not... I wish the road wasn't running through their heads Sad You might be able to clone it out. I had that issue with a path in the background, but I really loved the location, so I cloned the path out.

#2 - I like the pose and the angle, but wish her knees weren't cut off.

#3 - Love the dress, and the way she's holding her belly. It really shows it off. Again, not sure if it's the monitor or not, but there are some bright spots in the background that are distracting me.

#4 - Not a fan of this one. I think that if they're going to be in front of that building, we need to see more of it to bring it into the story of the photo. As it is at the moment, it looks unbalanced. Also, the posing is off. They don't look comfortable at all. Dad is holding his knees up with his back hand, and his front hand looks awkward the way he's holding her hand. I'd like to see his front leg like mom's back leg is. Foot through the "hole" on the ground, and instead of grasping his knee, letting his hand fall off the side of it. I don't like the holding hands at all. I'd rather see her holding his arm like I am holding my husband's arm in my siggy pic. Also, it doesn't look very lady like to have her back leg the way it is. I'd put both legs straight out, but the back knee bent up a little. That would help show off her belly a little bit more. If that doesn't make any sense at all, let me know. I'll see if I can find some examples.

Overall, they look a little bluish to me. I'd be inclined to warm them up, but my style is a little warmer in general, and I know that's not for everyone.

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Cute couple! I think these are too cool, but the lighting is good.

For #1 and 3, I notice all of the background and foreground is in focus.....I think a larger ap would be more pleasing/portrait-like. I noticed the road in #1 as well, going through their heads. I don't mind the posing in #1, I think it's cute.

#2 I am not a fan of pregnant women photographed on their backs. But I like the wooden sidewalk and the angle and depth. I also notice her knee is chopped, like Stephanie said.

#4 I agree the building isn't that great. I don't mind the posing.

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Very sweet pics! I agree with all of the CC. I'd especially love to have seen these shot more wide-open.

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Thanks girls. I did not think the road in #1 bothered me at all UNTIL... I quickly edited it out. OMG now its an eyesore! It's like years ago with our older tvs when dh would point out the windows reflecting in the tv and I never seen it but once he pointed it out, the reflection was ALL i saw. Now this is a very quick 30 second fix just to see if I would like it better without the road. I will take my time and edit it out but just thought I would show you the difference quick!Now the bright spots and trees are bothering me as well.
Also this is why I asked him to put his hand in his back pocket. He is very tall so I thought the arm looked akward just hanging there.

quick edit with road and without (thanks Steph!)

katie pregnancy1 (7 of 7)

katie lee  pregnancy3 (1 of 1)

Also here is the original pose I had them in. Her leg does not bother me but his hand did look like he was not relaxed in the first photo I posted. Much more relaxed here.

katie lee  pregnancy1 (1 of 1)

And this is the whole house. When I look at the other pictures I picture the little house in my head BUT as a viewer who HAS NOT seen it I can see how you would wonder what it is. No more house pictures lol But just incase your wondering what it is, this is what it looks like. Too bad there is stuff to the left and right of it that I can't get a wide shot. Like I said I am over the house lol.

Oh and I have a bunch with her knees in the shot:) I will post as I edit them.

katie lee  pregnancy (1 of 1)

To any lurkers who might think that you don't want to post for fear of cc I say it's one of the best things cause it really will make you see things that you might not see yourself and it will make you a much better photographer:)

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